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What Does It Cost

Concierge Membership isn’t just an investment in your physical health – it’s an investment in your valuable time along with peace of mind. Your health doesn't always wait and neither will Schuster MD.

What does the SchusterMD Membership cost?

The annual fee is paid directly to SchusterMD and is not covered or reimbursed by your medical insurance. You will need to keep your health insurance because your retainer covers only the services you receive from Dr. Schuster. If you require hospitalization, lab tests, medical specialists or other medical services you will need a health plan to cover the costs.

You may join SchusterMD at any time during the year. Membership is based on an annual contract payable at the start of the membership period. A quarterly payment schedule is available for a per-payment billing fee of $25, and corporations can elect to pay quarterly or monthly with no extra fees. Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted.

As an added incentive Members who refer others will receive a $200 credit to apply towards their next annual enrollment.  With no cap or limit the more referrals you send who join, the higher your savings the following year on your Concierge Healthcare Plan.



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Value Added Program Costs

Chronic Pain Management

Stop Living with the Pain

Opportunities are available to help those with chronic pain. Pain is surely a major issue, and can negatively impact your work, family, school, and life!

Pain Control Program
The benefits of concierge medicine are now available for patients with chronic pain; Dr. Schuster offers new choices in chronic pain management.

Pain can now be controlled by using new medications that allow you to feel normal without feeling dependent.

What Does it Cost?
The Chronic Pain Management Program is included in services provided with your annual membership enrollment.  This service is not available to non-members.

Second Opinion Consult

SchusterMD consult program brings the benefits of concierge medicine to more and more patients.

This program is for patients who:

  • Have a physician, but cannot get their questions answered NOW!
  • Have a complicated medical issue and they need a second opinion NOW!
  • Are not yet sure if they want to join SchusterMD, but need help NOW!
  • Need a medical advocate NOW!
  • Need a medical navigator to get them the care they need NOW!

If you need a second opinion now, don’t hesitate to contact SchusterMD.

How Do I Get Started?

Advocacy is only a phone call away!

  1. Call the office and speak with our Healthcare Advocate. Let our Healthcare Advocate know you want to utilize the time and expertise of our Concierge Doctors and whether you’d like to be reached by phone, email, or schedule a visit in person. (Insert Link to Contact Page)
  2. Sign the consent form and the contract (HIPPA requirements) so that we may get the records we need.
  3. Contact Schuster MD at the scheduled time, using the method of your choice (phone, email, or visit).

What Does It Cost?
30 Minute consult NOW costs $200.
60 Minute consult NOW costs $400.
Complex consult NOW costs $600.

Student Program

Peace of Mind: Your Student has Choice Care
Specially priced SchusterMD memberships are available to students attending boarding schools or universities either locally in the South Florida area or those attending school away from home. Most schools have nurses, student health centers or clinics, but the quality of care can be erratic. Wouldn’t you like a second opinion from Dr. Schuster?

Student Membership Benefits
Discounted SchusterMD memberships for students offer peace of mind for concerned parents and relatives and a range of primary care services for students including:

  • Routine Consultations that can be handled by phone or email, including medical advice and refills on many prescriptions.
  • Second Opinions.
  • Coordination of emergency care.
  • Convenient office visits when your student is home for the holidays.
  • Assistance with management of medical conditions such as diabetes, disabilities, drug problems, and alcoholism.

What Does It Cost?
The annual membership cost is $750 per student.