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Do you have questions? We're here to provide you with the answers. If you don't see the information you're looking for listed below, feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at 561-368-5558.

What is Concierge Medicine?

It is a premium medical practice in which the physician devotes greater time to the patient’s individual needs.  The practice emphasizes the highest quality healthcare as well as service and convenience, all designed to keep you in optimum health.

How does Concierge Medicine differ from a traditional practice?

In a traditional Internal Medicine practice doctors are responsible for 2500-4000 patients.  In a Concierge Medical practice, the numbers of patients in the practice are limited to several hundred.  This improves your access to the doctor.  Appointments can be scheduled same day or next day.  Appointment times, your time spent with the doctor, are longer so that medical issues can be addressed more thoroughly and ALL your questions can be answered.

What are the advantages of Concierge Medicine?

There are many benefits to Concierge Medicine; 24/7 Access to your doctor, customized care, same day or next day appointments with limited wait time, urgent care when you need it and home visits by the doctor which can include diagnostics, blood and lab work, to name a few.

How long will it take for me to get an appointment with the doctor?

Typically we offer same day or next day appointments. However, if it’s a routine exam or preventative appointment that is needed, annual check-up, etc., it can be scheduled within a few days.

What if I need care after hours?

Your doctor is available by cell phone or email 24/7 should problems arise outside of usual business hours.  Often concerns can be addressed over the phone.  Should immediate attention be required, your doctor will arrange and coordinate the appropriate care.

What if I need hospital services?

Dr. Schuster has privileges at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. If you need to go to the Emergency Room, the doctor can meet you there to expedite your care. Should hospitalization be necessary outside of Boca Raton Regional Hospital, your primary physician will be responsible for coordinating all care necessary during your stay and Dr. Schuster can coordinate orders through those on staff.  When specialty consultation is needed, we have access to the best specialists in the area. SchusterMD will personally arrange and expedite specialty consultations.

Does the practice provide preventative medical services?

– Preventing disease is an important part of any wellness plan.  Our doctors can discuss and help you implement healthy lifestyle changes that may reduce your risk for certain diseases.  Screening tests to detect disease at very early stages are another aspect of any wellness plan.  We will help you understand which tests are appropriate for you.

What if I need to have lab work done or X-rays?

Not a problem.  We can arrange a phlebotomist to draw your blood, wherever you are and would like to have it taken, your home or office, etc.  We can also arrange for X-ray studies to be done remotely wherever you are again, home or office, etc.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Due to the complexities of today’s medical care, we may recommend specialty assistance to manage your healthcare.  We will direct you to the best specialists in our area and assist with out-of-town referrals, if necessary.  Your Healthcare Advocate will facilitate the scheduling of these appointments.

Do I have to pay the annual fee all at once?

For your convenience you have the option of paying quarterly, monthly or annually.   Part-time Florida Residents have the option to pay in two installments.

What if my out of town guest becomes ill?

As a feature of the program, we will see out of town guests in need of unexpected medical care.  They will be charged non-member fees for their visit.

When Dr. Schuster is on vacation or travelling doing his charitable work, who will take his place?

During his absence Dr. Schuster’s patients are covered by very qualified Heathcare Professionals one month out of the year when his charitable work takes him abroad.

How often am I allowed to see my doctor?

There are no limits on the number of times you can see the doctor once you become of member.

I’d like to meet with the doctor to discuss whether Concierge Medicine is right for me. Is that possible?

Yes.  You can schedule a complimentary consultation with the doctor to discuss the benefits of our concierge medical services or you can give us a call at 561-368-5558 and speak with a Healthcare Advocate about the program or to schedule an appointment, whichever your prefer.