New Medical Concierge Model offers patients a better quality of healthcare

Same day appointments * 24/7 access to the doctor * home and workplace visits * emergency care and more.

Do you remember the days when doctors made house calls, gave you their personal phone number and knew you by name without having to look at our chart? The days when your doctor was personally involved in your overall healthcare management and gave you the time and respect commensurate with such an all important part of your life. If so, you can take solace in the fact that those days have returned in the form of SchusterMD Concierge Care.

Everyone knows that a great concierge can turn a nice hotel stay into the visit of a lifetime. Need tickets to the sold out show or a reservation to a restaurant that has been booked three months in advance? In a world where most people say, “I’m sorry but that is impossible”, a great concierge will make it happen. Today, the term “concierge” has grown beyond the hotel culture and is now synonymous with outstanding personalized service. Clearly your personal health and wellbeing are more important than a fun vacation but the analogy still holds.

It is the same commitment to personalized service that is the basis for the new Medical Concierge Service now available from Boca Raton physician, Dr. Mitchell A. Schuster. Dr. Schuster is board certified at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and specializes in Internal Medicine, Family Care, Adult/Senior Care, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine. In Schuster’s concierge model, the doctor only takes on a few hundred patients as opposed to a normal medical office model that can have up to 2,000 patients. The general concept is simple, less patients more attention, and patients sing the praises of his approach.

At SchusterMD Concierge Care, each patient pays an affordable fixed annual fee for primary care medical services allowing for 24/7 access to the doctor, home and work visits (yes, that’s right, the doctor will come to you), same day or next day office visits, emergency care and more. No more waiting for appointments, no crowded waiting rooms, and no more 8-minute appointments. This new approach allows Dr. Schuster to spend quality time with his patients making sure he answers all questions and concerns in a thorough and respectful manner.

If your medical needs require a referral to a specialist or hospital care, Dr. Schuster will be there to guide you through the process and monitor your progress serving as your personal healthcare advocate.

Obviously, this isn’t your normal everyday medical practice. Schuster’s model bucks the current trend of allowing insurance companies to dictate how your health is managed and provides you benefits that are virtually nonexistent in traditional medical office models. This is a model worthy of your consideration if you are looking to take control of your healthcare or help loved ones do the same.

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