Concierge Medicine: Healthcare You Can Count On

Concierge medicine is the newest trend in healthcare and the main reason for this shift makes perfect sense. Patient satisfaction! The average doctor running a traditional medical office has approximately 4,000-5,000 patients. A doctor practicing concierge medicine has between 300-400 patients. In concierge medicine, the patient pays a fixed annual fee and in return is afforded unlimited appointments and a premium level of personalized care with their membership.

Here are a few examples of how concierge medicine offers you benefits you could never even dream of with a doctor operating a traditional practice:

Busy Executive

Challenge: You are a busy executive and you are really feeling under the weather this morning. You know what a normal cold feels like but this feels worse. You have four critical meetings today and there is no way you can miss one meeting let alone take time to get to the doctor’s office.
Solution: You call your concierge physician and by the afternoon he has arrived at your office to give you an examination. You get the prescription you need and some solid professional medical advice to help reduce your symptoms. You are on your way to recovery and you didn’t even miss one meeting.

Adult Care Facility Resident

Challenge: You recently moved into an adult care living facility. You really should go see the doctor about that nagging pain in your hip but getting across town is such a hassle. You take a dip in the pool and sit in the hot tub to try to ease the pain but no dice.
Solution: You call your concierge physician on his personal cell phone and get a call back right away. As you are a concierge member the doctor knows you by name and is intimately familiar with your history. The next day the doctor drives over to your Adult Care Facility to check up on you. He chats with the physical therapist on staff at your complex and recommends some exercises designed to help your exact condition. Next week you have a follow up appointment to check your progress. No charge!

Part-Time Florida Residents

Challenge: You are retired and live in Florida during the winter. Your doctor of 20 years still spends his winters in the frozen north and going 2,000 miles for an office visit seems a bit much. You control your diabetes with medication and otherwise are in good health. You love and respect you doctor up north but you need a trusted medical advocate in the Sunshine State too.
Solution: You call your concierge physician to discuss possible reactions to your new medication. No problem, you now have an appointment for the next day and your concierge physician will even call your doctor up north to confer about your medical history (and tease him about how cold it is up there). You feel confident and comfortable that you have a personal medical advocate with a sunny disposition, working together with your hometown doc!

Good healthcare should not be hard. Make your life easier with SchusterMD Concierge Care!

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